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Our bees are part of our family, and we love to share our knowledge and bee products with our community.

This year we became a contractor for Alveole a Canadian based global urban beekeeping initiative. For more information click the yellow button above.


Conducting the workshops and hive visits has been an amazing experience. This summer we have educated more people about bees than we ever thought possible. It was only natural to open our farm to bee hive tours. The look on a guest’s face when they hold bees for the first time is amazing. Seeing that is knowing you are making a difference and bringing joy to our guests. The reason we keep bees is honey and the bees.

Inner city rooftop hives at Blue Cross

Blueshield, Tulsa Oklahoma


Our high-quality honey tastes amazing and has wonderous health benefits. We catch our bees in rural Oklahoma so they are hardier than most bees and have high resistance to the varroa mite. Our Queens are prolific egg layers and are the right choice for requeening any time of year. Our spring nucs develop into full hives  quickly and have great temperament and aggressive foraging ability. 

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