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Our Services

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


We rescue bees that is the basis of what we do.  We can come to collect swarms in Rogers and Tulsa County.  We have a limited hive cutout service, the hive must be in a derelict building or a fallen, tree.  Cutouts are only done in the early spring after the queen has resumed laying eggs, and when temperatures are below 90 degrees. 


We also realize that a beekeeper needs to take care of ALL bees.  So we are starting a Bumblebee conservation project.  The American Bumble Bee.     We will be installing three bumblebee houses in the apiary which strangely enough are baited with an old rat's nest.  That was a blast collecting.  

Coming Spring 2024 you can order Wild Oklahoma Hybrid Queen Bees and 5 frame nucs. (click the link to order)

 I encourage anybody with questions to email me,


Christy Payne 

Image by Adam Mills

Apiary Tours

Beekeeping is a journey meant to Bee shared.  To that end, Big V Honey Bee Farm offers a wide range of bee conservation and education.  Are you just casually interested? Then come take a hive tour, I promise you will never Bee the same person.  We are starting a Queen breeding program which will be a part of the Full Apiary tour.   Also offered is a  hands-on beekeeping class currently in development check back for details.  Oh did I say we have honey?  YES! Lots of honey? Click here to order.


American 'Bumble Bee

( Bombus pensylvanicus)

male - from Bug Guide

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